Installing a lift kit and big tires will instantly transform any stock truck into an off-roading machine that attracts attention wherever it goes. Of course, the right lift kit will also give you the clearance you need to truly go off-road and navigate boulders, gravel, and snow with ease. However, these changes do affect how your truck handles, so you should think carefully before lifting your vehicle.

What Should You Know Before Buying A Lift Kit?

Getting the Right Amount of Clearance

Manufacturers make lift kits and tires perfect for a wide range of situations. You’ll need to decide first how much clearance you need. If you like to bounce across the desert, you may not need as much height as someone who likes off-roading in rocky mountain terrain. Of course, some people just like to lift the truck as high as it will go.

Can Your Suspension Handle the Load?tires

Modern truck suspensions are pretty tough. However, some might be overwhelmed by an aftermarket lift kit, especially if you’re planning on switching to extra-large tires. To decide whether you’ll need to switch out any suspension parts for heavier-duty components, talk to a technician with experience installing lift kits.

The Effect on Your Ride

Lifting your truck will almost always make for a rougher ride, so be sure you’re ready for the trade-off. And those big tires may be ideal for tackling gravel stream beds and dirt roads, but they tend to wear out faster on the highway. If you drive your truck daily, you may want to opt for a smaller lift with smoother shocks.


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