Whether you’re on a residential street or highway, a blown-out tire can be a major ordeal. However, you have to remain calm when it happens so you can act accordingly afterward. Use the following steps and work with professionals for the best outcome.

How to Handle a Blowout

1. Slow Down Gradually & Get to Safety

If your tire blows out, grip the steering wheel but don’t touch the brakes. Allow the car to slow down on its own, and gradually work your way off the road and slowly tap the brake to come to a stop. Do your best to pull into a level driveway or parking lot well away from traffic. Then, turn on the emergency flashers and apply the parking brake.

2. Put on the Spare

tires-andrewsNext, change the tire if you know how. Use a wrench to loosen each lug nut slightly, so you can place the jack under the car and begin pumping to raise it off the ground. Then, remove the lug nuts and slide the tire off.

After you place the spare onto the wheel and tighten the lug nuts, lower the car back onto the ground and tighten the lug nuts one more time. You can then safely drive to an auto repair shop for further assistance.

3. Call Roadside Assistance

If you aren’t comfortable or don’t feel safe when you’re parked, call roadside assistance. Professionals will arrive and can assess the damage and change the tire. If more work is necessary, they can tow you to a nearby auto repair shop.

You can prevent further incidents by ensuring the tire is inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications. Also, avoid potholes. If you notice the treads are worn down, consider purchasing a new set.


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