Correct tire alignment provides optimal vehicle handling and operation. Yet, when the suspension falls out of alignment, it can make driving difficult and dangerous. From reducing tire wear and tear to improved gas mileage, maintaining correct suspension adjustment offers many benefits to drivers. Here are a few tips to prevent tire misalignment. 

How to Protect Your Tire Alignment

1. Avoid Potholes

Hitting a pothole can result in a fairly significant impact. If the force is great enough, it can throw off the positioning of the suspension components. The easiest way to prevent a pothole-related alignment problem is avoiding them altogether. If you know of a pothole on your road to work, change lanes or take a different route. If that's not possible, try to slow down before impact to prevent major damage. Additionally, approach rain puddles carefully as they can hide extreme asphalt and concrete craters. 

2. Inspect Tires Regularly

tire alignmentUnless you have two different sized tires on your truck, all four units should be inflated to the same level. When the pressures don't match, movements become uneven between the sides of the car. As a result, the tire alignment is thrown off completely. Deflated tires also increase the risk of flats and blowouts. To avoid the issue, check the tire pressure at least once a week and complete a visual inspection every time you hit the road. 

3. Drive Carefully

How you operate a vehicle affects the longevity of the equipment. Drastic jerks of the wheels or speeding down uneven surfaces can cause adjustments to the alignment. Collisions with curbs or other cars are also likely to impact the settings. When on bumpy roads or stuck in heavy traffic, drive slower to give yourself enough time to stop or move over safely. 


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