Most tires are designed to last 60,000 to 75,000 miles. The longer you can make yours last, the less often you’ll have to replace them. Making some small changes to your routine can extend the lifespan of your wheels and prevent the need for costly replacements.

How to Protect Your Tires

1. Change Your Driving Habits

Your treads will wear out quicker on rough or unpaved roads or in areas with a lot of gravel and debris on the asphalt. If you can, plan your route to avoid these roads. Regularly sweep your driveway to prevent unnecessary damage.

Try not to accelerate or brake too sharply, as this can make the rubber skid on the pavement and wear down the treads faster. Practice driving smoothly and braking gradually.

2. Perform Monthly Maintenance

TiresWhen your tires have low pressure, the bottoms flatten, which bends and stretches the side walls. When they’re too full, the wheels have poor traction and are more likely to skid. You’re also more likely to have a blowout when driving over an uneven surface because of the high pressure.

The recommended pressure maximizes grip and minimizes damage, so check all four wheels once a month and keep them within one or two PSI of the designated amount. You should also check the tread depth by placing a penny in one of the grooves. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it may be time for replacements.

3. Align, Balance, & Rotate

Tire alignment and balance adjust how the wheels sit in relation to the car and each other. Poorly balanced ones can shake and wobble, which can damage them when driving at high speeds.

Improperly aligned wheels sit at incorrect angles and pull in different directions, which makes them wear out quickly and unevenly. Having them adjusted will help them wear smoothly and last as long as possible.

Also, rotating the tires helps them wear evenly on all sides and uses their maximum potential. You should have the tires rotated, balanced, and aligned every 7,000 miles.


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