It can seem nearly impossible to sell a home while kids are on the premises. Cleaning a room can be completely undone in a single play session. The number of toys and other belongings can make it difficult to remove clutter and stage the property for optimal results. If you’re a parent trying to sell your house, consider implementing the following tips in your routine.

3 Tips for Selling a Home When You Have Children

1. Pack Up Toys

Reducing the number of toys can reduce clutter and make your home more presentable. Work with your little ones to select a few of their favorites and set them aside. Throw away any toys that are visibly broken.

Next, have them go through and pick out toys they would like to give to other children. Place these in a box for donation. Pack up the rest with layers of paper, plastic wrap, and tape, carefully labeling the boxes so that they end up in the right room.

2. Prevent Accidents

sell a homeThinking ahead could save time when preparing the home for a showing. Start by sorting through the art supplies. Pack up the messier substances, like paint or glue, to avoid accidents.

Keep a few materials on hand for when your little ones need something to do. Avoid serving sticky foods at meals and arrange to have them out of the way at least 30 minutes before a showing to give you time to clean. It might be beneficial to use disposable plates and utensils for quick cleanup.

3. Wipe All Surfaces

Fingerprints and pencil markings tend to accumulate on pale walls and glass surfaces throughout the home. Perform a walk-through at least every other day. Don’t forget to look in closets and other forgotten spaces, and turn on the lights to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Use a damp cloth with a mild detergent to wipe away any blemishes. Get the entire family in on the task by turning it into a game and seeing who can erase the most smudges. Pair a younger child with an older sibling to prevent additional marks.


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