Those in the commercial truck business should prioritize regular servicing to ensure that their vehicles are in the best condition possible. Truck companies can count on Regional International Corp. in New York for quality commercial truck services from maintenance to repairs. As a Diamond Edged-certified repair shop, they are a premier provider of accelerated services coupled with excellent customer satisfaction.

They discuss some of the factors that could affect how often you need to have your commercial trucks serviced: 

  • Mileage Reached: The average duration recommended for servicing for Long-Haul usage is 30,000 miles or at least once a year, whichever comes first. It includes basic procedures like oil changes, filter changes, and safety checks. This servicing allows the mechanic to inspect for early signs of wear and tear before they become a major problem. Most truck manufacturers also recommend bringing in the truck every 125,000 miles for a more substantial inspection and maintenance job. 
  • Truck Application: Another factor that affects servicing frequency is the application or how the truck is being used. For instance, long haul trucks are on the road for extended periods of time. All parts of the vehicle are put through heavy work on a daily basis. Thus, they require frequent servicing. Due to their size and load brake repairs are common maintenance issues.
  • Season & Location: A commercial truck has to put up with harsh environments between October and March every year in our area. Heavy duty trucks need servicing prior to this time to make their winter driving experience easier and safer. Procedures include installing winter tires, having their air system inspected, checking coolant, testing their batteries, and testing engine block heaters.

Remember identifying potential mechanical problems before they become major issues saves you money increases your uptime.

When it comes to commercial truck dealerships, trust the experts at Regional International Corp. They offer flexible financing plans for all of their trucks, trailers, and parts. Call them today at (800) 836-0409 for inquiries or visit their website to learn more about truck maintenance.