If you’re constructing a new store or upgrading your business’s current building, consider installing storefront windows. These unique glass designs offer many benefits, whether the store faces a well-traveled street or is located in a quieter area. Below are five benefits of storefront windows to keep in mind.

Why You Should Consider Putting in Storefront Windows

1. Provide Natural Light

Workers who have access to natural light are less likely to incur eye strain, blurred vision, and headaches. Adding storefront windows will provide UV illumination to improve staff health and potentially aid in their productivity. Also, your customers will have an easier time shopping, as the natural light will better illuminate your products and their natural colors. 

2. Improve Display Potential

storefront windowsMany business owners install storefront windows because they provide marketing opportunities. You can put in large, customized glass that allows you to display new products and spread the word about deals and news with signage. Dedicate the two or three-foot space directly in front of the windows to displays so you can add mannequins or prominently feature your products to show passersby what the company is about.

3. Reduce Crime 

Businesses with solid walls may entice thieves because no one will be able to see if something is wrong inside. Storefront windows provide a clear view into the building, potentially deterring would-be burglars as they’ll be more likely to get caught. 

4. Increase Energy Efficiency

Large windows will let in more light, naturally heating the space with UV rays. You can save money and lower your environmental impact by toning down the heater in the wintertime to take advantage of the natural warmth. Choose double-pane windows with a top-notch sealant to keep in the cool AC air in the summer to lower utility bills.

5. Raise Building Value

Should you need to sell a retail building, you’ll be able to raise the price after installing storefront windows. These features improve visibility, increasing the likelihood of foot traffic, and garnering customer traffic without extra marketing money or efforts. Plus, you’ll likely find a buyer or renter faster than if the building didn’t have these valuable display windows.


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