When you’re looking to elevate your home’s architectural style while welcoming additional natural light into living spaces, installing glass doors is a great choice. Here’s a list of popular styles to choose from, so your glass replacement project is successful and visually appealing. 

4 Residential Glass Door Options

1. Hinged Single Door

A hinged single door is a common selection with a basic hinge on one side that allows the door to swing inward or outward, depending on your needs and preferences. Single hinge doors are popular due to their versatility in size and because you can elect to install framed or frameless glass with a knob that aligns with your existing architecture. When used as an exterior door, a security or fly screen is often recommended for protection from bugs and unwanted guests. 

2. French Doors

Glass DoorsFrench doors are two doors installed side by side that open away from each other. Traditionally they swing inward and are composed of timber-framed glass panels. Whether installed as an exterior door or in between living spaces, they provide an elegant and bright transition with plenty of clearance width-wise. 

3. Bi-Fold

A bi-fold door consists of two or more hinged panels installed on a track so they can be pushed to one side or the other to create a large opening. Bi-fold glass doors offer flexibility as they can be fully or partially opened and provide the illusion of larger interior spaces. 

4. Pivot Door

A pivot door features hinges on the top and bottom. Thus, when opened, the glass panel pivots at a center point, and the door will be positioned between the inside and outside, or it will split between rooms, depending on where it’s installed. This dynamic option allows for an angled opening to welcome or obstruct breezes. It also creates a unique geometric look that’s popular in modern homes.


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