While safety glass is often associated with vehicles, this material can also be useful for homes and businesses in a variety of ways. If you're looking to take advantage of this feature's unique benefits, learn more below.

Common Questions About Safety Glass

What is safety glass?

Safety glass refers to glass that has been strengthened through heating and cooling. Tempered versions are made with heated annealed or traditional glass that's rapidly cooled with air. Evenly blowing air onto the surface increases the internal tension and improves strength by up to four times, allowing the material to resist wind, impact, and heat.

Laminated or lami glass is another form of this strengthened material. Manufacturers create it by fusing polyvinyl butyral between thin glass pieces with heat. This option is often used for cars and skylights to prevent glare, and it also increases energy efficiency by lowering the number of UV rays that enter a home or vehicle.

What is it used for?

You likely use safety glass every day. Car windshields feature a variety that is laminated on each side and bonded to the car body to prevent breakage. If the vehicle incurs storm damage or is in an accident, the glass will shatter, but the laminate will hold it together to protect the driver and passengers.

safety glassHouses with shower doors also feature tempered safety glass because it's several times more durable than regular glass. It's very difficult to break this material, which will keep it safe when you bump into the shower door.

What benefits does it offer?

Safety glass protects your family from injuries if the panel breaks, as this material shatters into small, geometric shapes instead of dangerous shards. You're also much less likely to get cut if a tempered glass shower door or car window breaks because they're designed to withstand high pressure and trauma.

How should you clean it?

Use warm water, a microfiber cloth, and a drop or two of mild dish soap to clean interior safety glass. Rinse the mixture off and squeegee shower doors immediately to avoid soap scum stains as the water dries.

Clean exterior auto glass with a large sponge and water to remove stains from dirt, fallen berries, and flower petals. Then, use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner to keep the interior of the windshield streak-free.


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