Adding custom mirrors to your home can improve the decor and lighting and make smaller rooms feel bigger. Their placement is an important consideration because hanging them in the right location can significantly impact the indoor environment. To choose the best places to position mirrors in your home, follow these tips.

Where Should You Place Custom Mirrors?

1. Add Space to the Kitchen

It’s rare to find custom mirrors in a kitchen, but this feature can make a smaller meal prep area seem more spacious. One way to incorporate them is to affix rectangular mirrors to your upper cabinet doors. The reflections will catch the opposite side of the room, making it seem like you have double the space. The lighting reflected off of the mirrors will also give you more natural illumination.

2. Make the Stairway Brighter

custom mirrorIf you live in a home with more than one level, try adding a mirror at the bottom or top of the stairway. The glass will reflect the wall decor in that area, bringing more attention to it. Stairways can also feel cramped, so adding a mirror will give the impression of a broader area.

3. Bring Reflection Into the Bathroom

While frameless shower doors can help make a small bathroom seem larger, you can also bring more mirrors into the room. For example, add a mirror to the vanity to improve the decor. Since decoration options in the bathroom are limited, adding a beveled mirror will create character and provide an additional place for freshening up.

4. Create a Unique Dining Table

You can add sparkle to any dining table by having a mirror custom cut to fit the table's surface. Using a glass tabletop will make it easier to clean up after meals and create a dining experience that's unique and memorable. If you have younger children, the mirror can be cut and buffed with curved edges to provide a smoother touch. Additionally, consider having the mirrored glass tinted to match the color theme of the room.


If you’re ready to order custom mirrors, go to a specialist with experience crafting glass of all shapes and sizes. Located in Rochester, NY, Mr. Glass has been in business for more than 40 years, so you can trust them to provide high-quality service. They also perform mobile glass repair services and are certified with most insurance companies. To request a free quote, reach out online or call (585) 271-1270.