Although windshields are designed with durability in mind, there are numerous ways for them to be damaged. When this happens, many drivers are unsure whether they can still drive the vehicle or if it needs to be taken in for repairs. However, driving with a broken window isn't recommended because it increases the risk of the following.

Dangers of Driving With Broken Windows

1. It Could Be Illegal

Many states have strict laws about driving a vehicle with a compromised windshield. For example, in New York, it's illegal to drive a car that has a crack that's 11 inches or longer within the area cleared by the windshield wiper. Operating a vehicle with that kind of damage can result in getting a ticket and failing your annual inspection.

2. Weaker Structural Integrity

Even a small chip or crack affects the overall durability of the entire piece of glass. Simple acts, such as driving into debris that's kicked up by a car, hitting a bump too hard, or the glass expanding and contracting with temperature changes, worsens the problem. Putting off less expensive repairs increases the chance of needing a costly replacement.

3. Greater Risk in an Accident

Broken windowIf the airbag is deployed in a vehicle with a damaged windshield, the force can cause the glass to shatter. Another concern is a roll-over occurring, as part of the windshield's job is to provide structural support for the roof. If the glass is already damaged, it can't support the weight and increases the likelihood of serious injury.

4. Possible Water Leaks

A damaged windshield doesn't provide adequate protection from the elements, so it can allow water to get into the cabin during inclement weather. A leaking interior can then lead to mold growth on the floorboards, ruined upholstery, and malfunctioning electrical components.

5. Diminished Visibility

Depending on the damage's location, cracks or chips in the glass make it difficult to see the road. That drastically increases the risk of an accident because drivers can't see obstacles and react as quickly. The tarnished portion can also cause extreme glare that temporarily blinds you.


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