Metal patio furniture is so chic that you can find reproductions of classic designs for sale in stores and online at relatively inexpensive prices. However, some of these newer models are not made with the higher gauge metal those of yesteryear were made of. If you have a set of antique chairs made from cast-iron or other metal, it’s a better idea to refinish these pieces instead of buying new. Here’s why you should start this process with sandblasting.

Why Sandblast?

When you’re refinishing a metal surface, you need to sandblast it first. This will remove the years of rust that have accumulated on the piece. While some suggest starting with a chemical stripper or scraping equipment, this often results in a lot of scrubbing for little reward.

sandblasting Wailuku HIInstead, skipping straight to sandblasting will get you down to the bare metal, and you won’t have to worry about chemical cleaners further corroding the furniture item. Also, even if the other treatment options do manage to remove all of the rust, they don’t offer that smooth finish you get with abrasive blasting.

When to Choose Sandblasting?

Some homeowners are electing to leave some of their metal furniture pieces rusty to match the current industrial trend. While this is fine for items that will be placed indoors away from moisture, leaving outdoor patio pieces rusty can be unsafe. Also, if you plan on painting the pieces or weatherproofing them, it is recommended to proceed with sandblasting. The finish will make it easier for the paint or powder coating to stick to the surface. 


Sandblasting can be a difficult job to take on. If you want your pieces finished quickly, hiring a professional restoration company is a smart move. At PF Restoration in Wailuku, HI, they offer top-quality sandblasting and other furniture refinishing services to all of Maui. For a free estimate on your pieces, call them today at (808) 244-5905. You can also learn more about this locally-owned business by visiting their website.