Dents are common and frustrating problems for many car owners, but some are avoidable. Being able to identify some of the most common causes of dents makes it easier to work around these situations. If your car gets damaged, you can explain the cause to a dent repair specialist to help them quickly resolve the problem.

What Causes Car Dents?

1. Car Doors

When shopping or parking in public areas, it’s best to put as much space around your car as possible. In tight parking arrangements, other drivers or passengers may bump their doors into your vehicle. Wherever possible, park in a spot with empty space on either side, and briefly check for dents upon returning to your car.

2. Road Debris

Whether you’re driving on the highway or on back roads, sticks, stones, trash, and other debris can easily become airborne and hit your car at high speeds. Construction zones also tend to leave a lot of debris on the road, so avoid those areas along your route. 

3. Shopping Carts

dent repairWhen in store parking lots, watch out for carts. Many customers don’t bother to return their carts to collection points, instead leaving them to drift around the lot. Whether propelled down a slope or driven by wind, a cart may bump into your car. Put away any nearby carts to avoid needing dent repair.

4. Inclement Weather

Hail, sleet, and windstorms can leave dents and scratches. Try to park your car in a covered area, especially if the weather reports predict storms.

5. Recreational Equipment

Kids in your neighborhood, local sports teams practicing, or accident-prone cyclists may put your vehicle at risk of damage. One missed catch or bump from a set of handlebars can result in dents and dings. If possible, park away from highly trafficked areas used for play.


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