With geothermal drilling, homeowners can harness the Earth’s natural thermal energy to providing heating for their property. This innovative method uses warm underground water to power heating systems, reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your energy bills. If you’re considering using this service, understanding how it works can help you decide whether it’s right for your home. Here’s everything you need to know about geothermal energy.

Geothermal Wells 101

System Components 

geothermal drillingThe basic principle of a geothermal system involves extracting underground heat and transferring it through an open loop system. This will supply energy to your home. It consists of a supply and a return well, both of which circulate warm water back and forth through a series of pipes. There’s also a heat pump to absorb warmth and distribute it through ducts or underfloor heating.


First, your geothermal drilling contractor will create a hole of at least five inches of diameter in the ground. The goal is to reach a depth where there is a sufficient water supply to provide heat that can power a home. The water is pumped from this area to the heat pump, which extracts the warmth of the liquid and converts it into usable energy. Any remaining cold water is sent back to the return well. As it returns to its aquifer, the water goes through the entire process again.

Drilling Considerations

Qualified geothermal drilling contractors can determine the most suitable place to dig and set up the well. A general depth of at least 75 feet is necessary to supply enough water to generate geothermal energy. It must also be large enough to hold a submersible well pump, and the flow must accommodate the home’s consumption needs.


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