If you rely on a water well pump to provide your household with a clean drinking supply, it’s easy to take advantage of a perfectly functioning system. However, when the power goes out, the absence of water in your home can be alarming. To understand why this occurs, what you can do to prevent it, and how to prepare for a loss of service, consider the following guide.

A Brief Guide to Water Well Pumps & Power Outages

How Are Water Wells Affected by Power Outages?

Most residential water wells rely on electric pumps to send water to your home. These features are set inside or near the well and use electricity to provide enough pressure to draw water up from underground. Therefore, if your power goes out during a storm, the pump will be unable to draw new water into the well. Immediately after a power outage, you will still have access to the water that remains in the well’s reservoir. However, with normal usage, this will quickly be consumed.

What Steps Can You Take to Prepare For a Loss of Power?

While you might be able to hold off on showering and brushing your teeth, it’s crucial to ensure your family has enough to drink while you wait for power to be restored. Therefore, if you know a storm is coming, start gathering an emergency supply of water bottles.

 well pump Nixa, MOIf you live in an area that is prone to extreme weather or more prolonged power outages, consider investing in a backup generator. This will be enough to supply power to your well pump, as well as some other appliances, so you and your family can continue to have access to clean water.  

You can also consider installing a manual pump for your well system. These require a significant amount of work to gather a reasonable amount of water, and they are only a short-term solution for emergency outages. However, they can be crucial in accessing water if you lose power for an extended period.

What Should You Do After an Outage?

In most cases, your well should start working as usual once the power is restored. When this happens, disconnect your backup generator immediately. If your well isn’t working correctly, try resetting the pressure switch, as this may have been activated when the water level in the tank dropped and can prevent water from being drawn into the reservoir. If this doesn’t work, call your well pump technician to schedule an inspection and maintenance.


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