Sump pumps play a vital role in protecting your home from water damage. Situated either in a crawlspace or the basement, the appliance operates by ejecting water that collects inside its basin. To preserve its integrity and prevent issues like flooding and mold formation, it’s important to winterize the device before temperatures drop and winter arrives.

3 Ways to Prepare the Sump Pump for Winter

1. Clean the Sump Pit

When the appliance detects water inside the pit, the sump pump automatically turns on and directs the water away from your home through an ejector pipe. However, the pit isn’t designed to pump other materials, like dirt and debris, away from your home. Those contaminants can collect in the basin and block the intake pump, which maintains the flow of water. That can cause the device to overheat and burn out. Avoid clogs and significant damage by removing debris buildup before the beginning of winter.

2. Leave the Heat On

MO sump pumpsSince basements and crawlspaces are vulnerable to cold temperatures, it’s crucial to warm the spaces as much as possible to prevent the sump pit and other pipes from freezing. Turn the heat on, or run a space heater periodically, to keep the temperatures elevated. That can protect the device as water travels through the system, preventing it from freezing, expanding, and causing damage to the pipes.

3. Detach the Discharge Hose

If there’s a snowstorm in the forecast, or if freezing temperatures are likely, be sure to disconnect the discharge hose from the sump pump’s exit pipe. Water could freeze in the tube and render the appliance inoperable until it thaws. Even the melting process could cause damage if the ice expands and causes the hose to crack, so it’s best to leave it disconnected until temperatures rise. Alternately, you could disconnect your year-round hose and use an alternate unit in the winter. If that one freezes, you can remove it and swap it for the other one without causing damage.

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