With the autumn days getting shorter, there is less time for lawn maintenance and landscaping. While fall may not seem like the time to worry about your yard, it is actually an excellent time to get ahead on your spring garden. Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape, a reliable, all-inclusive lawn service based in Columbus, NC, is here to give you tips to make the most of your landscaping — even when the leaves begin to fall.

Take Advantage Of Warm Soil

landscapingBefore the first frost, the ground still holds the warmth of summer sun. In hotter climates, roots even grow throughout the winter. Much of North Carolina is in growing zones 7b-8a, which means frosts typically occur between October and April. However, these dates are getting pushed further back and becoming less predictable. Plants put into the ground in autumn will spend less of their energy growing leaves, shoots, and flowers; instead, they’ll put their power into developing healthy and strong root systems. This helps perennials, trees, and shrubs return with a renewed vigor in the springtime.

Utilize Mother Nature’s Sprinkler System

Young trees and shrubs love water — allow them to bask in the rains of fall and winter. Since North Carolina tends to experience much of its rainfall during January, February, and March, ensure your thirsty plants are geared to take on the natural hydration in store for them.

Don’t Prune Until Winter

Try to hold off on extensive pruning until the winter months set in. It’s fine to lob off dead limbs or browning leaves in the autumn, but save the more extreme shaping for the colder months to prevent setting off new growth that might occur in the fall.

Look For Deals At Your Nursery

Fewer people are thinking about putting in new plants and trees during the fall. This means your local garden center may have sales — take advantage!

You might not have a full weekend to devote to these fall garden preparations and autumn landscaping. That’s where the pros come in handy. If you’re located near the Columbus, NC, area, try Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape. Organize a free consultation by giving them a call at (828) 894-7078. Not only are they friendly and professional, but they’re also ICPI- and NCMA-certified and licensed to apply chemicals as needed. Check out their website for more information.