Most people think winter is a time to break from lawn maintenance chores, but giving your yard a little love during the cooler months ensures you have lush, gorgeous grass come springtime. Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape wants to help you keep your yard in top condition this winter. Serving Tryon and Columbus, NC, they offer expert landscaping service, lawn treatments, and hardscaping to help properties look their best in any season.

Here are three lawn maintenance tips to practice this winter:

  • lawn maintenanceFertilize: Cool season grasses thrive when fertilized during the fall and winter. Fertilize your lawn thoroughly before the first freeze. This will replenish the nutrients in the soil and keep the roots of your grass healthy and nourished during the harsh winter months.
  • Keep Mowing: As long as there isn’t a blanket of snow on the ground, you should add mowing to your lawn maintenance plans. Keeping grass at the appropriate height will prevent infestation from mice and other vermin, which can wreak havoc on your yard. Cut your grass as short as you can before the snow hits the ground.
  • Avoid Damage: Lawn maintenance is more than just fertilizing and mowing. Remove any items, such as logs, furniture, and children’s toys, before it snows to prevent dead spots on your lawn. You should also keep foot traffic to a minimum, even during the winter when the grass isn’t at its peak.

Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape is dedicated to keeping your yard pristine all year round. To schedule lawn maintenance in Columbus or Tryon, call (828) 894-7078 or email them. You can also like them on Facebook