Hiring a landscaper shouldn’t be a simple matter of calling the first result in your online search. Not all landscapers offer the same services or have availability when you need them. Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape, a Columbus, NC, landscaping service, recommends contacting a few companies in your area and asking them these questions.

4 FAQs for Landscaping Services

What Services Do You Provide?

Solandscaping serviceme landscapers only offer weekly grass cutting and general outdoor upkeep. Others help with full landscaping design, such as outdoor lighting and installation of retaining walls and stonework. Make sure the landscaping service you’re considering can perform the work you need.

What Credentials Do You Have?

Quality landscaping companies will have years of experience along with certification, licensing, and memberships in their field’s organizations. Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape is a member of the Hendersonville Home Builders Association, both ICPI and NCMA certified, and a licensed chemical applicator.

Can I Have References?

Ask for references to past or current customers, and follow up by calling those individuals for their feedback. Reputable companies will be willing to provide you with at least two references upon request. You can also check their rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

What Are Your Rates?

Since landscapers offer different services, ask about the rates for the services you wish to employ. Some companies offer a free quote for large projects. You should also ask for an estimate to compare with other companies you’re considering.

For a wide array of landscaping services in Columbus, NC, turn to the team at Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape. Call them at (828) 894-7078 to schedule a consultation, and learn more about their company by emailing them.