The calendar says spring is officially underway, but warmer landscaping weather isn’t quite here yet. Instead of waiting, the professionals at Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape Co. in Columbus, NC, recommend giving your lawn a jump-start this year by tackling any landscaping and hardscaping now. The team has a few tips on where to begin.

How to Get a Jump-Start on Your Hardscaping & Landscaping This Spring

1. Gather All of Your Supplies

When the time comes to begin planting or construction, you’ll want to have all of the equipment and supplies you need. Professionals recommend heading to your local landscaping and hardscaping store to pick up tools and soil before the rest of your neighbors also get the same idea. Plus, making sure you have everything ahead of time can help you speed up the job!

2. Sketch It Out

Have a plan before you head out to the garden to dig. Even a rough sketch of how you want your landscape to be designed and hardscaping to be laid out will help you when actual work begins. Also, consider which plants need sunshine and which need shade when sketching to ensure they’re in the right positions.

3. Prepare the Land

hardscapingEven if the ground isn’t ready for new plants, you can do a few things in preparation. Rake up any leaves and debris that have fallen over the winter to allow your lawn to properly absorb nutrients. You can also prune back dead or broken branches to help promote fresh growth.

For more ways on how to prepare your lawn this spring, get in touch with the team at Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape Co. They’ll help you come up with a landscape design you’re proud of. Call them today at (828) 894-7078 or send them an email for additional information.