Spring has arrived and summer is not far behind. If you haven’t already started your lawn treatments, now is the time! The experts at Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape Co. in Columbus, NC, know the sooner you get started, the more time you will have to spend enjoying your lush, green yard this summer.

Before you begin any treatments, get your lawn ready by removing debris, branches, and dead leaves. The next step is to call in your professional landscaping service to check the soil for proper pH levels. Your grass will thrive best with a soil pH balance between 6.5 and 7.

lawn treatmentsNow is also the time to start applying a herbicide to get rid of weeds before they can take root. It is much easier to prevent weeds from growing than to remove them later in the season. Just be careful to not overdo it with the herbicide so you don’t damage the new grass before it can grow.

The spring weather is also a perfect temperature to apply fertilizer, as this is when growing season begins. Since the cold days have passed and the hot summer heat has yet to move in, your grass won’t be as stressed and the fertilizer will have a greater effect.

Starting your lawn treatments now means your grass will gently come back to life before you start aeration or mowing that can compact the soil and affect growth. Rely on your landscaping experts to mow your grass as the season progresses because they know how often it should be done and what grass height is most beneficial.

Don’t delay any longer; start your lawn treatment today with the help of Columbus’ best landscaping service. Call Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape Co. at (828) 894-7078 to schedule an appointment for reliable, professional lawn care service. Contact them by email for more information on all services.