The benefits of hiring a professional landscaping service go beyond just making your yard look pretty. It also offers health benefits and adds value to your home. And in the Columbus, NC, area, no one is better equipped to ensure you receive all these advantages and more than the team at Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape Co. 

They specialize in a wide range of landscaping services that will transform your home, including:

  • Lawn Maintenance: Professional lawn care helps you achieve that perfectly trimmed turf around your home. These experts will develop a schedule so your grass is aerated and seeded exactly when it needs to be. With their knowledge of lawn care techniques, you get greener and healthier grass that not only looks appealing but also conditions the air by trapping dust and other pollutants. This will decrease symptoms for allergy sufferers living in your home.

  • Hardscaping: These landscapers will transform your backyard into a functional space that promotes relaxation and entertainment. From hardscaping, planting beautiful flowers, and choosing the right outdoor furniture, they will help you create an oasis you’ll love. The added curb appeal also increases your property’s value.

  • landscaping serviceLandscape Lighting: Lighting design and installation is another valuable landscaping service you’ll be able to take advantage of. Attractive lighting not only allows you to use the outside area after dark, but it also improves your property’s ambiance and makes it more inviting. Best of all, a well-lit home increases safety by deterring theft and trespassing.

When it comes to your outdoor space, make sure the work is done right. Let the team at Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape Co. take care of your landscaping service needs, from hardscaping to lawn maintenance. Call them at (828) 894-7078 to schedule a free consultation, or email them your questions.