Whether you have a small backyard garden you cherish or several acres of land, proper irrigation is vital to your grass and plants. How you water your property greatly impacts your landscape design, which is why working with Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape to develop an irrigation plan is so important. The Columbus, NC, company explains the benefits of proper watering.


Landscape design projects are more complicated than they appear at first glance. You must incorporate color schemes as well as design themes to create a sense of nuanced balance in your yard. But improper irrigation can quickly diminish the aesthetic. To ensure all of those vibrant perennials and annuals remain bright and blooming, proper irrigation is key. 


landscape designCreating a landscape design for your property is no small investment, so you want it to be enduring. By developing a regular irrigation plan, you’ll get the most out of your investment, and all of the trees, shrubs, and flowers in the yard will have a chance to grow to their full potential. 

Specialized Care

Various plant species require different amounts of water to remain healthy and strong. Creating an irrigation plan for specific areas of the yard — rather than setting up a sprinkler and forgetting about it — will ensure all of your plants and flowers receive the specialized care they require.

Keeping your landscape design in excellent shape year round isn’t always easy, but proper irrigation is a great start. For professional assistance in setting up your watering plan, contact Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape today. Call (828) 894-7078 or email them to request an appointment. They’ll evaluate your yard and the needs of your plants to implement an irrigation system that results in a thriving landscape.