Anyone who tends to their lawn knows it can be difficult to create a streamlined landscape design through all their trees, shrubs and flowers. Throw in hardscaping, like a retaining wall or patio, and making a cohesive outdoor aesthetic becomes more challenging. However, with a few simple tricks, you can tie together your lush lawn with the human-made, functional pieces you’ve chosen.

Below are three ways you can use landscape design to complement your hardscaping choices:

  • Soften the Edges: For many yards, a retaining wall or pathway is a necessary installment to provide privacy and safety for all of your guests. However, these elements can have raw edges and sharp corners that leave your yard feeling a bit uninviting. By adding in some rounded shrubbery or lining a path or retaining wall with gorgeous flowers, you can soften the look of a concrete jungle and make it feel like home instead.
  • landscape designElevate Your Vision: Hardscaping elements can draw the attention of your guests, bringing their line of sight toward the ground or directly at the human-made addition. By adding a few taller trees or creating a trellis for flowers to climb, you can lift the line of sight and create more vertical space. This will give the illusion of a larger yard and treat your eyes to a more natural aesthetic.
  • Combining Logistics: Taking care of your hardscaping and landscaping seem like two separate concepts. However, for your landscaping to remain vibrant all year long, its logistics must match up with that of the hardscaping. By working with an experienced contractor, you can design a hardscaping plan that doubles as a source of shade and drainage to accommodate the landscape. 


Planning the perfect setup for your yard takes a whole team. For those in Columbus, NC, that staff is Jay’s Lawn Service & Landscape Co. Whether you’re interested in their expert advice on combining hardscaping and landscaping or need their help maintaining your current design, the contractors are up for the task. For more information, email them or call (828) 894-7078 today.