The right landscaping service can do wonders for your yard, turning an ordinary lawn into an artful masterpiece or a neglected garden into a paradise. But are these services really worth the investment? How much difference does good landscaping and lawn maintenance actually make to your home’s value? As it turns out, the difference is significant enough to be worth the expense.

The Survey

To find out what difference a yard makes, researchers created several images of the same house with different yard conditions and designs. They then showed these images to attendees of home and garden shows across seven states. The results were definite: the right yard can tack 5.5% to 11.4% extra onto your home’s perceived value.

What Makes the Difference

Of course, not just any design got anLandscaping Service enthusiastic response. The complexity of the design and the size of the plants were major factors in determining perceived value. Just adding a few small plants actually diminished the worth of the homes in the eyes of potential consumers. Instead, they gravitated toward yards similar to those created by professional landscaping services.

Other Factors

Aside from its effect on the perceived value of your home, your landscaping can affect potential sales in other ways. Attractive patios and other hardscaping features also give the home added value. And the benefits of well-maintained greenery in your overall curb appeal are likely to attract more serious buyers.

Your home’s landscaping really does make a difference to its sale value, and the best improvements are those that take time to establish. If you haven’t invested in your yard, now’s the time to start.


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