Il Forno Bakery is known for fresh made bread, and if you live in the greater New York City area be sure to stop by and grab your fresh focaccia and ciabatta. Serving customers since 1995, the local bakers knows how to make bread. The family owned and operated business offers hand-made bread prepared with the highest quality ingredients and equipment.

Focaccia and ciabatta may look similar but the two Italian breads are drastically different. To properly understand when and how to use the two breads in cooking, it is important to understand what makes them different. From the bakers at Il Forno, here are the differences between focaccia and ciabatta:

Ingredients: Both breads use water, oil, salt and yeast but the distinction can be found in the type of flour. Focaccia’s main ingredient is high-gluten flour and ciabatta requires wheat flour.

Texture: Focaccia’s texture is very similar to pizza dough and ciabatta is denser and less soft, in comparison.

Appearance: Focaccia is made as a flatbread while ciabatta is baked as loaves.

Consumption: Fans of focaccia use the bread as the base for a pizza, sandwich bread, or as a flatbread when topped with cheeses, vegetables, or meats. Ciabatta is almost always used as sandwich bread.

Regardless of whether you need focaccia or ciabatta in an upcoming meal, head over to Il Forno Bakery. Offering a wide array of breads, including several different sizes and shapes of focaccia and ciabatta. For instance, they have mini focaccia, focaccia cuadrata, focaccia romana, and foccacias square. They also have ciabatta grande, ciabatta lunga, ciabattas rounds, and ciabattinas.

For the best and most delicious bread selection in the New York metro area, head over to Bronx’s Il Forno Bakery or call them at (718) 861-1042.