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Smith Hughes Company
3753 Round Bottom Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45244

About Smith Hughes Company

In an industrial setting, a well-functioning boiler is essential to a number of vital work processes. Accordingly, doing business with a skilled and knowledgeable company is of the utmost importance in the event your boiler needs parts or servicing. With more than seven decades of industry experience, the Smith Hughes Company is regarded among customers in their local area of Cincinnati as well as internationally as a leading expert in boiler repairs, maintenance, sales, and installation.

Whether you run a large-scale utility plant or are at the helm of a thriving business, this family-owned company will provide options for keeping your enterprise running smoothly. Thanks to our hard work and dedication to customer needs, we have grown to become a full-service operation that offers an array of maintenance and repair services suited to the modern industrial landscape.

The Smith Hughes Company boasts a team of OSHA-certified technicians capable of tackling every job. Our techs will be with you every step of the way, from the installation of a new unit to equipment repairs and replacements. We can also design a custom boiler package to meet your specific needs, including the installation of pumps, water softening equipment, piping, and other add-ons. Our support can help you address even the most complex requests, ensuring you remain completely satisfied with your boiler room’s design and functionality.

You can also look to Smith Hughes for a vast selection of essential boiler equipment. We even offer boiler rentals to eliminate downtime due to serious equipment failure. Rental boilers can be shipped virtually anywhere to ensure you have access to the equipment you need when you need it most.

You take pride in the work your business does, so why not work with a boiler company that does the same? No matter where you’re located, you can visit Smith Hughes Company online to find out more about our expansive inventory and top-quality service. You can also call (513) 271-2226 to speak with a knowledge customer representative about your business’s needs. 24-hour emergency service is available to maximize your convenience.