Whether you’re hosting a music festival, office outing, or sporting event, it’s important to make your next outdoor event accessible for all attendees. In particular, you need to take certain considerations into mind to ensure people in wheelchairs will be able to get the most out of your event. Covering everything from parking arrangements to toilet rentals, these 5 tips will help you make your event wheelchair-accessible.

5 Ways to Make Your Next Event Accessible

1. Have Reserved Parking

If attendees are driving to the event, make sure you have handicap-accessible parking spaces available. Keep these reserved spaces as close as possible to the nearest entrance, and make sure to mark them clearly with the proper signage.

2. Provide Mats for Easier Travel

If your event has surfaces that are unsuitable for traveling in a wheelchair (such as dirt, gravel, or grass), install mats to increase accessibility. These temporary mats, which are available in a variety of materials, provide a level surface that makes it much easier for wheelchair users to move throughout your event, whether they’re moving closer to the performance, visiting the toilets, or purchasing refreshments.

3. Rent or Install Ramps

If your event venue has stairs or steps, make sure to provide ramps for attendees using wheelchairs. Not all venues will have these already installed, but you can rent a temporary ramp in order to ensure your event is more easily navigable. In addition to handicap-accessible toilet rentals, ramps may also make existing restrooms more accessible to people using wheelchairs.

4. Provide WheToilet-Rentalselchair-Accessible Restrooms

Regardless of whether the venue has restrooms or you’re renting portable toilets, always provide handicap-accessible toilet units. Larger than normal portable toilets, accessible portable toilets offer plenty of room for wheelchairs and also come with grab rails for ease of use. Any reputable toilet rental company will have these available.

5. Offer Wheelchair Seating

Make sure everyone can enjoy your event by providing preferred wheelchair sections. Designate specific areas in the front of your audience space that have extra room to accommodate your visitors’ wheelchairs.


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