If you’re dealing with stubborn fat in specific areas of your body, you’re not alone. Even with the proper diet and exercise, it’s possible for adipose (fat) tissue to accumulate in certain spots. Fortunately, some salons are now offering Venus Bliss™, an innovative treatment that spot-reduces trouble areas. Here's what you should know about this revolutionary treatment. 

How Does Venus Bliss Work?

Venus Bliss is a noninvasive laser treatment used to reduce fat pockets on the abdomen and sides of the body. Salon technicians perform the treatment using a diode laser applicator, which can reduce fat, tighten skin, and minimize cellulite in the target area. The multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields heat and break down stubborn fat, while also strengthening connective tissue to improve the skin’s tautness. 


Each session takes roughly 25 minutes, and additional appointments may be recommended based on your specific goals. Most people experience a slight chill at first, followed by a warming sensation. The applicator switches between heating and cooling to heat the fat away while promoting comfort. 

What Do Prep & Recovery Entail?

There’s virtually no preparation required before the treatment, and recovery is also minimal. To ensure there’s no interference with the diode laser applicator, arrive at the salon with clean skin. 

Skip any lotions or creams before your appointment. The technician may take a “before” photo and inspect the target area to ensure there are no abnormalities. For instance, the lasers are not recommended for use on tattooed skin or wounds. 

There’s no downtime following the Venus Bliss treatment, so you can resume your normal routine without any restrictions. Your skin may be tender, red, swollen, and bruised in the days following your session. These are all normal healing responses. 


If you’re considering a noninvasive option for eliminating fat, book your appointment for Venus Bliss at Larijames Salon & Spa. They've served people throughout Webster, NY, and the surrounding areas since 1982. The professionals at this salon will work with you to ensure the sessions target the areas of concern so that you can return to looking and feeling your best. See their full list of services online, or call (585) 671-5140 to schedule an appointment.