If you are improving your smile with braces, it is important to keep your teeth clean and free of food particles to protect yourself from cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. Most family dentists recommend a combination of the right toothbrush, teeth cleaning techniques, and oral care routine to ensure your pearly whites are healthy while wearing braces. The staff at Nayaug Family Dental in South Glastonbury, CT, has a few brushing and flossing tips everyone with braces should follow.

Use the Right ToothbrushFamily Dentist

If you have a firm toothbrush, exchange it for a soft one. Soft-bristled brushes work best with braces, as they provide a gentle but effective clean. A bi-level brush, which has shorter bristles in the middle and longer bristles around the edges, will also help remove food particles from around your teeth and appliances. If you still have trouble with food particles, an interdental toothbrush can help. Shaped like a pipe cleaner, they help you clean under your wires and inside tiny tooth crevices. 

Consider an Oral Irrigator

An oral irrigator, which is also called a water pick or a water flosser, is an excellent addition to your brushing and flossing routine. Available over the counter, this affordable, small machine shoots water between your teeth, removing food that stays behind after flossing. Use your oral irrigator each morning and evening to blast particles and plaque away. 

Brush After Each Meal

Braces cause you to retain more food particles between your teeth than usual, which can erode enamel. This is why family dentists recommend you brush after each meal. Purchase a soft travel toothbrush to make it more convenient to brush at school or work.

Take Your Time

With braces, it is important to brush and floss each tooth thoroughly. Take the time to carefully clean your teeth, brackets, and wires after each meal to reduce your risk of gum disease and protect your teeth from damage. 

Try a Fluoride Mouthwash

Dentists recommend adding an anti-cavity fluoride mouthwash to your cleaning routine to further protect your teeth. This is the best type of formula to avoid cavities and protect teeth from decay due to food particles. 

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