As a parent, you understand the importance of great dental care for your child. In addition to ensuring clean teeth and fresh breath, getting your kid excited about brushing and flossing can have lasting benefits. Studies have shown that children who establish excellent dental habits early on are more likely to maintain those habits — and keep their natural teeth — well into adulthood. If you are interested in getting your children enthusiastic about their dental care, Dr. Brian Chiffer, a family dentist from Nayaug Family Dental in South Glastonbury, CT, offers his tips for making oral health important to your kids.

1. Purchase Kid-Friendly Products

A simple way to help your child get excited about caring for their teeth is by purchasing kid-friendly toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other dental products. There are many items available that feature cartoon characters, bright colors, and interesting designs appealing to young children. These products will make brushing fun and help your child get excited about their routine.

2. Find a Friendly Dentist

family dentistFinding a trusted pediatric or family dentist is crucial to helping your child fall in love with their oral care. A dentist who specializes in working with children understands the fear and anxiety surrounding dental visits for many kids and knows how to help them overcome this fear. Once you find the right dentist, your child will look forward to their biannual appointments and teeth cleanings.

3. Establish a Reward System

Nearly all children respond positively to reward systems, and when it comes to their dental care, you can get creative. Some parents rely on a chart where children get a sticker for every day they complete their brushing routine. After a week of perfect brushing, you can reward them with a trip to the playground, new toy, or special meal. Other parents prefer to wait until each dental visit and give a large reward — such as a trip to a theme park — for a no-cavity visit. Find the reward system that works best for you and your child and stick with it.

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