Many factors go into maintaining a healthy smile. In addition to brushing and flossing thoroughly, finding a trusted dental care provider is key for your oral health. But going to separate offices for everyone in your household is inconvenient. That’s why it’s so valuable to find a family dentist you can rely on.

3 Benefits of Seeing a Family Dentist

1. Simple Scheduling

To simplify your family's schedule, it's always a good idea to have a dentist who can see everyone at the same time. This ensures everyone from the little ones to Mom and Dad is getting the dental care they need twice a year. During your teeth cleaning appointment, the provider will remove built-up plaque and check for any abnormalities or signs of mouth cancer.

2. Personalized Care

family dentistWhen you find a dependable family dentist, you have years to build a relationship with them. They'll understand your oral health and be there throughout all of your family’s milestones, from braces to wisdom teeth removal. This provides you with more personalized care and customized treatments because the dentist already knows your needs. 

3. Emergency Services

Lastly, having a family dentist means you'll always have someone there in the case of a dental emergency. If you break a tooth or have severe molar pain, for instance, you need immediate attention. When you're already acquainted with a dentist who offers emergency services, you know exactly who to call so you can get the care you need as soon as possible. 


If you're looking for a family dentist in the South Glastonbury, CT, area, visit the experienced and trusted team at Nayaug Family Dental. They offer comprehensive dental services, from routine teeth cleanings to cosmetic dentistry and emergency appointments, so you can receive all of the care you need in one place. To make your experience as enjoyable as possible, their office also offers free Wi-Fi for your convenience. To browse a full list of services provided, visit them online or call (860) 633-6167 to set up your first family appointment today.