Professional teeth whitening can remove years of intrinsic staining, but how can you protect your results? Because dental whitening opens up the microscopic pores in your enamel, the teeth are more susceptible to staining immediately following treatment. Fortunately, you can prevent this by avoiding certain foods and drinks after the procedure. 

Foods to Avoid After Whitening

1. Berries

Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries are rich in anthocyanins that help you achieve a healthy diet, but unfortunately, their strong pigments can also discolor your teeth. Avoid berries for at least 48 hours after your whitening treatments to prevent damaging your results. 

2. Cola

Soft drinks are packed with artificial dyes that can make your teeth appear yellow, so either avoid it or drink water with it to rinse away the residues. If you can’t resist a craving for cola, always use a straw to prevent contact between your teeth and the beverage.

3. Chocolate 

teeth whiteningCocoa powder can be anywhere from dark brown to almost black. In addition to the fats in chocolate that cling to your teeth and contribute to tooth decay, the natural pigments in cocoa can darken your teeth. Avoid milk and dark chocolate immediately following a whitening treatment. After a day or two, you can begin eating and drinking these products again, but rinse your mouth afterward to prevent long-term staining. 

4. Tea

When you steep a tea bag, you are infusing water with the same pigments present in the ingredients. Peach and Chai teas can impart an orange hue to your teeth, while black teas can leave you with a duller dental complexion. If you love tea, opt for lighter colored versions, and skip the added sugar — which can speed tooth decay. 

5. Pasta Sauce

Tomatoes are also rich in natural pigments that can dye your teeth, which is why most dentists recommend staying away from pasta sauces after whitening. Tomatoes are also a highly acidic food, which can cause enamel erosion if you aren’t careful. Eat tomatoes and pasta sauces in moderation to prevent discoloration. 


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