Teeth grinding or clenching— known as bruxism — is an oral health concern that is not uncommon & many people are often unaware of it. The staff at Nayaug Family Dental, in South Glastonbury, CT wants to be sure you take this issue seriously. Grinding the teeth together or tightly clenching the jaw can result in damage to the teeth either by wearing them down or sometimes breaking the teeth. Other symptoms can include  headaches or painful jaw muscles.  While it’s important to work with your dentist to manage teeth grinding, you may also want to look into ways to manage stress. To help, they’ve provided a comprehensive guide to teeth grinding, as well as steps you can take to minimize the issue.

The Dangers of Teeth Grinding & Stress

dentist-nayaug-family-dental Many people only grind their teeth in their sleep. While it may seem like a natural action your body is making, it’s heavily tied to the stresses of every day life. Being overworked or frustrated regularly can cause you to chronically clench your teeth. Once this becomes a daily habit, you’ll be causing just as much damage while awake as you do when you’re asleep. Likewise, even if you don’t suffer from bruxism, you’ll be dealing with the same harmful side effects.

The most immediate danger of teeth grinding is how it wears down your enamel. This makes your teeth much more susceptible to decay. In more serious cases, you may also break or chip teeth, jar them loose over time, or significantly erode them. All of these issues require extensive treatment from a dentist, which is why you need to address teeth grinding before serious damage occurs.

How Can I Stop Teeth Grinding?

If you suffer from bruxism, your dentist will fit you with a custom mouth guard to wear which will stabilize your condition. For stress-related grinding, you may also want to try some time-tested practices — meditation, exercise, changes to your diet, and/or counseling are all helpful. 

If you’re dealing with teeth grinding or other oral health issues, turn to the trusted dental team at Nayaug Family Dental. They offer comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry services, as well as emergency dental care, and will work with you to ensure you achieve a lasting, healthy smile.

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