When you leave the dentist’s office after a professional whitening, or after a touch-up at home, your teeth look bright, shiny, and healthy. Unfortunately, natural and artificial pigments in the foods that you eat can quickly discolor your teeth again — leading to a yellowed smile. Here are three foods you should avoid after whitening and why.

Foods That Can Discolor Teeth

1. Berries

Berries are packed with anthocyanins that give them their characteristic blue, purple, and deep red hues; unfortunately, these pigments can also stain your teeth. Since dental enamel is naturally porous, these pigments can seep into the teeth and cause staining that can stick with you. If you are craving berries after a whitening treatment, try to stick with strawberries, which contain malic acid that can whiten the teeth.

2. Tomato Sauces

You might love tomato-based dishes, but dentists explain that the red carotenoids in tomatoes can also discolor your teeth. Additionally, since many tomato sauces are reduced and combined with ingredients like red wine, the yellowing effect can be exacerbated. To keep your whitened teeth bright and beautiful, try to opt for cream- or butter-based sauces instead.

3. Curry

dentistOne of the most common ingredients in curry is turmeric, which also contains curcumin — a bright yellow compound. Curcumin is so powerful that it is even used as a fabric dye, so stay away from curry after a professional whitening treatment. Instead, opt for souvlaki or other grilled dishes, which typically don’t contain heavily pigmented sauces.


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