Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bone tissue to become weaker and more brittle. It often occurs as a person grows older, but the condition can also be exacerbated by hormonal changes during menopause or an improper diet. According to most dentists, your oral health can also be impacted by osteoporosis. 

How Osteoporosis Affects Dental Health

Bone tissue is constantly reabsorbing and regenerating in your body. In some people, reabsorption occurs too quickly, while others experience issues regenerating bone tissue. This leads already porous bones to develop even more holes, which directly impacts the bone’s strength and density. 

Along with the other bones in your body, your jaw bone also feels the effects of osteoporosis. Your jaw bone is integral for keeping your teeth in place, and as it degrades, your teeth can loosen. Problems with bone health can also prevent you from using certain dental treatments. For example, people with low jaw bone tissue often have a hard time finding dentures that fit correctly. Dental implant surgery is also complicated by diminishing jaw bone tissue. 

How to Prevent Osteoporosis

dentistCalcium is key for healthy bones and teeth. Along with dairy products, consider adding foods like kale and spinach to your diet, both of which are excellent sources of this essential nutrient. Getting enough calcium is especially important for women entering menopause, as the resulting hormonal fluctuations may affect bone health. 

Certain lifestyle changes can also be beneficial. Smoking is cited as a factor for developing osteoporosis, and it’s believed that this habit plays a significant role in decreasing bone density. Smoking also increases the risk of oral cancers and causes stains on your teeth. You can also ask your dentist about other habits that contribute to strong, healthy bones.


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