Flossing may seem like a straightforward task, but many people don’t know the best practices. While flossing prevents cavities and gum disease, you may not make time in your daily schedule for this oral health routine. Along with help from your dentist, here’s some advice to improve your flossing habits.


Make it convenient.

Disposable flossers are a convenient, hygienic way to floss without getting saliva on your fingers.

Instead of storing floss in a bathroom drawer, keep flossers handy in your purse, glove box, or nightstand drawer. This makes it easier to squeeze flossing into your schedule.


dentistSome brands of floss shred more easily, or snag on fillings and crowns. Others are made thicker to fill larger gaps between teeth and gums that tend to trap food.

You may prefer floss with a minty or fruity flavor. Try a few different kinds to see which one you like best. Ask your dentist if you have any areas in your mouth that would benefit from a specific product or flossing feature.



A quick floss is certainly better than nothing, but you’ll be more effective by taking the time to thoroughly clean each tooth.

If you get a large piece of food out of an area, go back and floss it again from different angles until the floss comes out clean.

Be rough.

Flossing too aggressively can cut and scar your gums. Think of flossing like a gentle massage; the gums will be stimulated without much pressure.

If you haven’t been flossing regularly, you may notice bleeding for the first week or so. This will reduce as your gums become healthier. If your gums continue to bleed, it may be a sign of a condition to discuss with your dentist, or that you’re simply flossing too hard.


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