Establishing healthy tooth brushing habits with your kids will benefit their oral health for the rest of their lives. To ensure they follow the regular brushing schedule that dentists recommend, you’ll need to get them excited about oral hygiene. Here are a few tips to make this practice fun for your kids. 

How to Get Kids Interested in Brushing

1. Set a Strong Example

Kids learn by observing their parents. Set a positive example with excellent oral hygiene habits to inspire your kids to brush often. If your kids know you don’t brush and floss daily, they might not understand why they need to do it. 

2. Start Early

dentistThe American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that parents start cleaning their baby’s gums with a clean cloth or infant toothbrush with water soon after they’re born. Once their first teeth come in, start brushing with toothpaste.

By starting early, your child will already be used to the feeling of brushing their teeth and develop it as a daily habit. This will prepare them for when they’re solely responsible for their oral hygiene.

3. Make a Routine

The best way to encourage regular brushing is to create a schedule and stick with it. In the morning, have your kids get dressed, make the bed, and then brush teeth.

In the evenings, always brush after they’ve changed into pajamas, but before going to bed. This way, brushing their teeth is a set habit and expectation. 

4. Choose the Right Brush

Your kids are more likely to brush if they’re excited about their toothbrush and toothpaste. Toothbrushes for kids come in fun colors and themes, like cartoon characters, and some even light up.

Let them pick out an ADA-approved toothpaste in their favorite flavor so they’re eager to brush with it every day. You can also ask a dentist for recommendations.

5. Make It Fun 

There are plenty of ways to make brushing teeth fun. Start by playing music to dance to while you brush with your child. Challenge them to a clean teeth contest, or tell them a story that only lasts as long as they’re brushing. If your child is especially reluctant, try creating a chart. After they’ve brushed every day for ten days in a row, reward them. 


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