Hello everyone, I have been in practice for 40 years now & thought I had seen everything; stock market bubbles, real estate bubbles, interest rate bubbles, massive storms that shut down our region. And now this! Is the corona virus the “end of days”, the end of life as we know it? Being an optimist, I think we will be OK & recover a lot of what was normal before, but we shall see.

So what is this corona virus anyway? It is part of a group of viruses categorized by it’s shape-a ball with spikes coming out of it. The scientific community starting paying attention to these types of viruses with the appearance of SARS  virus in 2002. It was contained in about 4 months but not before infecting more that 8000 people, mostly in Asia, killing 774. Since 2004 there have been no reported cases of SARS.

The COVID-19 virus, on the other hand is a particularly nasty bug, first identified in Wuhan Province, China in January 2020 & quickly spreading worldwide. As of this writing there have been 1.76 million confirmed cases in the USA & 163 thousand deaths. Thankfully, the numbers were not as high as they were  predicted to be.

So we all need to be careful & smart & take all the preventative measures possible to prevent the spread of this infectious agent. A typical visit to our office will entail waiting in your car until we are ready to escort you in, take your temperature, be sure that we have screened you for illness, exposure & travel. We wish to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to disinfect our office between patients even more carefully than before this droplet-spread virus. And we are wearing more layers of protective clothing, masks & face shields. Your safety is our primary concern.

We hope that this information goes a long way to inform & reassure you. If you have any specific questions for any of our staff, including myself, please do not hesitate to call us. We are hopeful for our future, especially if a vaccine can be readily developed, tested & released for public use.

We are here for you in this beautiful village of South Glastonbury, ready to address your family’s oral health & dental needs.- Dr. Brian J. Chiffer

Nayaug Family Dental, 875 Main Street, South Glastonbury, CT