Making ice cream has never been so cool, in more ways than one! At SubZero Ice Cream in Patchogue, NY, you can delight in the unusual experience of nitrogen ice cream and frozen yogurt made right before your eyes. This allergy-friendly ice cream shop accommodates many dietary restrictions while offering an impressive array of flavors and toppings they can mix right into your dessert. They share fascinating information about what makes nitrogen ice cream — and the element used to create it — so special. 

Fun Facts About Nitrogen Ice Cream & Nitrogen

Nitrogen Ice Cream Is Made to Order

Traditional ice cream takes a long time to make, so it’s produced in large batches of predetermined flavors. Nitrogen ice cream is crafted with liquid nitrogen at minus-321 degrees, which freezes your treat in seconds. Your custom ice cream or yogurt creation is made when you order it, with your choice of flavors and mixed-in pieces.  

Flash Freezing Creates Fresh Flavor

Nitrogen ice cream Long Island NYFresh food simply tastes better than prepackaged items, and no ice cream is fresher than nitrogen ice cream. You won’t find freezers at SubZero Ice Cream because your product is made when you order it and flash frozen instead of being stored for days. The rapid freezing process preserves the nutrients — and thus the flavor — better than other methods.

When you eat nitrogen ice cream, all you’ll taste is fresh cream and vibrant flavors. Liquid nitrogen is tasteless, odorless, and colorless, and it creates a cloud of vapor when mixed with your chosen ingredients. This process produces the richest, creamiest premium ice cream you’ll ever eat.

Nitrogen Ice Cream Can Be Infused With Alcohol

With nitrogen ice cream, your inner child can enjoy flavors with a distinctly grown-up twist: alcoholic beverages. Who needs happy hour at a bar when you can indulge in decadent, alcohol-infused ice cream? Ask your SubZero Ice Cream chef for suggestions.  

Nitrogen Is Everywhere

If all this talk about nitrogen ice cream has you wondering about the amazing properties of the element, here’s a few things you might not know: In gas form, nitrogen is nonflammable and inert, which means it’s not chemically reactive. Nitrogen makes up 78.1% of the air you breathe and 3% of your body weight.

Now you know why nitrogen ice cream is the coolest and most flavorful way to enjoy a frozen treat. Stop by SubZero Ice Cream in Patchogue, NY, to make the frozen dessert of your dreams or call (631) 307-9747 to find out how you can fire up your next event with ice cream catering. To learn more about SubZero Ice Cream, check them out on Google+ and Twitter.