The practice of using lasers to remove unwanted hair was approved by the FDA and made available to consumers in just 1997. Since then, laser hair removal has grown drastically in popularity, and 97% of women who have had the procedure report satisfaction with their results.

Here’s a brief explanation of the cosmetic technique—from its humble beginnings to today. 

Early Hair Removal Methods

Men and women have been using a variety of tedious methods to remove unwanted hair for thousands of years, including flint or copper razors, pumice stones, and tweezers made from shells. In fact, the ancient Egyptians used waxing and depilatory creams, and threading has been performed in Eastern countries for centuries.  

Until the laser became available for commercial use, electrolysis was the only method for long-term hair removal. Unfortunately, this process was time-consuming, as each hair has to be treated individually. Lasers can treat hair in small sections, resulting in a much more efficient process.

The Scientists Who Made Laser Hair Removal Possible

The first working laser was invented in 1960 by Theodore Harold "Ted" Maiman, a physicist and electrical engineer, but Maiman’s invention would not be used for hair removal until the 1990s. MIT graduate and Harvard medical professor, Dr. R. Rox Anderson, has developed many popular laser treatments for cosmetic and medical conditions, including hair removal and scar reduction. He has earned more than 60 patents and published more than 250 scientific books and papers.

Laser hair removal also owes its success to Dr. Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, the Harvard dermatologist who, in 1975, created the Fitzpatrick scale to classify human skin color. The scale is widely used to assess skin cancer risk, and is vital to the laser hair removal process when identifying optimal candidates.

Laser Hair Removal Today

laser hair removalToday, advancements in technology have made laser hair removal more affordable and accessible than ever—and it’s not just women who are rising to the occasion. Men are also seeking laser hair removal treatments, especially for larger areas like the back, chest, and shoulders. As improved lasers make the treatment available to people with various skin tones and hair types, living with unwanted hair is becoming a thing of the past.


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