The holiday season is a busy time for many homeowners, as many will host holiday meals and welcome overnight guests. If you have a septic tank on your property, it’s essential to ensure that it’s prepared to handle the additional burden on the system. The following tips can help you prevent unexpected issues and ensure that it runs smoothly throughout the season.

How to Get Your Septic Tank Ready for the Holiday Season

1. Pump the Tank

septic tank

The average septic tank should be pumped at least once every three to five years. That estimate is primarily affected by your household’s water usage. When the tank is full of waste, it runs the risk of becoming completely clogged. Since the holiday season may see a spike in water consumption if you’re frequently entertaining or cooking more often, there’s a risk the tank may become full and cause backups if not pumped.

2. Encourage Proper Flushing

Flushing the wrong materials can easily cause a problem within the septic system. The only items that are safe to flush are toilet paper and human waste; anything else could potentially cause a blockage in the tank that prevents new waste from entering. Even flushable baby wipes aren’t designed to break down properly in a septic tank. Ensuring that children and visitors know not to flush inappropriate items will safeguard your system.

3. Throw Away Scraps

The more you cook, the more food scraps you’ll accumulate. Rinsing away items like celery, rice, potatoes, and pasta can cause problems in pipes and tanks. If they don’t make it to the tank, they'll likely cause a stubborn blockage somewhere in the lines. But if this waste does end up in the tank, it can become thick and gelatinous, yielding a difficult clog that prevents wastewater from flowing through. Always dispose of anything that may cause possible blockages in the trash.


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