These days, an increasing number of camper and truck accessories are focused on improving automotive safety. Reverse cameras and backup sensors, in particular, can make life easier for drivers who can use help backing up larger vehicles. Here is a comparison of these devices so you can determine which is the right fit for you.

Reverse Cameras

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Reverse cameras are installed near the license plate and send a video feed to the driver. Some displays can be integrated with the dashboard radio screen, while others incorporate a separate monitor placed near the rearview mirror. Some cameras also include sensors to warn drivers when they're getting too close to a parked car or other object.

Reverse cameras can be especially helpful for larger vehicles, particularly if the truck or camper already has a built-in display screen. But without a screen, installation can be a bit more complicated. Drivers must also not get so fixated on the screen that they forget to check either side of the vehicle.

Backup Sensors

Backup sensors typically use either ultrasonic or electromagnetic pulses to determine the distance between your vehicle and other obstacles. These truck accessories are typically attached to the rear bumper and will emit a beep when an obstacle gets too close. The closer your vehicle gets to the obstacle, the louder or more rapidly the sensor will beep.

Backup sensors may not seem as high-tech, but their design enables them to work well in any weather. They serve as a helpful supplement for when the driver is looking around while backing up.

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