A camper shell or truck cap is a popular aftermarket add-on that covers a pickup truck’s bed and expands its capabilities. With an additional “cabin” on the backend, a shell provides extra space to store hefty materials, tools, and other supplies that service vehicles carry. But with so many products available, it’s not always easy to tell which to select for your company's truck. To help you get the right fit, here are a few qualities to look for when shopping for a commercial camper shell. 

What to Look For When Choosing a Camper Shell for a Work Vehicle

1. Durable Material 

While fiberglass is the costliest option, it offers the best durability and can easily be painted to match your vehicle’s original color. Aluminum is cheaper and more lightweight but susceptible to denting over time, especially if your service vehicle is likely to sustain impacts on active work sites. Plastic composite offers a good compromise between these options, but it can be hard to customize its color, and it isn’t as durable as fiberglass.  

2. Height 

A camper shell is often as tall as the front cabin to maintain the vehicle’s aerodynamics. However, if you need more space, you might opt for a raised roof model. This product is slightly higher than the front cabin, offering more room for storage or standing—an ideal solution if you’ll be working out of your truck.

3. Doors & Windows  

In most cases, a truck cap will have side-by-side rear access doors for easy entry. However, you can customize the doors and windows even further to accommodate your needs. For instance, service professionals may prefer side hatches that provide direct access to tools. If extra airflow is needed, shells can be equipped with tilting or sliding side windows. 

4. Add-Ons 

Truck caps can be much more than empty shells when outfitted with accessories. If your pickup is a service vehicle, it could be practical to install secure shelving inside the shell to organize tools and supplies. You could also attach racks to the top to carry heavy equipment—such as ladders and landscaping gear—to and from work sites. 

5. Quality Seal 

While many camper shells are designed to latch on without bolts, these products can be unreliable. For a better experience, consider a truck cap that bolts securely to the bed. These products won’t shake and rattle during travel and usually possess tight double-sided seals that keep out moisture. They're also less likely to rub against the bed and cause abrasive paint damage. 


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