You never know what you may encounter on the road, so always be prepared. Create a kit with essentials to provide yourself with support if an unexpected issue arises. If you aren’t sure what to put in this must-have kit, here are a few truck accessories to get.

Which Truck Accessories Should You Always Have in the Toolbox?

1. Jumper Cables

Vehicle batteries can die if you leave a light on overnight, they’re over 5-years-old, or there’s corrosion on the terminals. You should always have these cables on hand to jumpstart your car in case the battery gives out while you’re on the road.

2. Tire Pressure Guage

Tire air pressure increases with warm weather and decreases with lower temperatures. Underinflated tires lower your mileage and place strain on the sidewalls, while an overinflated tire increases the risk of popping and getting stranded on the side of the road.

truck accessoriesCheck your pressure every week or two to ensure the tires are within the recommended range. The manual will feature the manufacturer’s recommended pounds per square inch measurement—many vehicles have this information printed on the driver’s side door jam.

3. First-Aid Kit

Every vehicle should include a first-aid kit for minor emergencies. Purchase a pre-made product that contains bandages, gauze, sterile scissors, antibiotic ointment, and tweezers. Add any items you use a lot, like ChapStick®, sunscreen, and pain relievers, to ensure you can handle a minor issue if you’re out and about.

4. Safety Equipment

If your vehicle doesn’t start, you may have to wait with it until a tow truck arrives. Stash safety equipment, like flares, flashing roadside triangles, and an orange vest, in the toolbox so that you’re visible to oncoming traffic. You should also include a screwdriver, hammer, and duct tape to address smaller issues, like reattaching a mirror after a minor accident. While you should always seek professional assistance for significant problems, these tools should help until you can get to them.


Once you’ve gathered all the essentials, get a sturdy toolbox to keep them together and organized. You can pick up this truck accessory from the team at Hawaii Campers on the Big Island. These professionals have provided drivers with high-quality vehicle parts and accessories since 1978. View their extensive catalog online, or call (808) 935-8349 to place an order.