Your home's roofing system is a shield against the elements, so it's important to replace it when the shingles start to deteriorate or the roofline begins to sag. Otherwise, you'll face leaks, moisture damage, and mold infestation. If it's time for a new surface, here are some steps to get your house and family ready for the project.

3 Tips to Prepare for Roofing Work

1. Keep Your Kids & Pets Away

Discuss the project with your kids and let them know what's happening. Tell them the yard will be off-limits until the job is done and prepare them for banging, hammering, and the sound of people walking on the roof.


Relocate your kids and furry friends somewhere safe and quiet for the installation's duration. For instance, ask relatives or close friends to watch them while the roofing system is being replaced. You can also check your pets into a comfortable boarding center.

2. Move Your Car

The roofing workers often throw heavy shingles and rotting wood from the top of the house. They may also need easy access to or through the garage, so it's best if your vehicles are parked away from the property. Move them down the street or into a guest lot while the project is underway.

3. Relocate Outdoor Items

Clear away picnic tables, lawn chairs, barbecue grills, and planter pots so that the team has a clear walkway around the house. Push the objects further from the home so that they're at the edge of the yard. If you have a small lawn and a lot of items, get an off-site storage unit.

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