If your teenager has recently gotten their license, they're likely excited to get out on the road in a new ride. As a parent, you want to choose the safest vehicle possible, as well as a comprehensive car insurance policy to protect them. Below, learn how to choose the right vehicle and coverage options for your teen driver.

What Features Should I Look for to Lower Insurance Rates?

In general, the brand of vehicle you choose is less important than the safety features the particular make and model possess. Safety features will help reduce your teen's risk on the road, often leading to lower insurance premiums. 

First, look for a car with airbags. Airbags deploy during impact to provide a cushion for the driver and passenger to prevent them from hitting the inside of the vehicle. Airbags are incredibly effective, responsible for saving more than 50,000 lives.

You should also consider investing in a vehicle with electronic stability control. This is a type of built-in technology that senses when the tires are losing traction; it then engages to stabilize the vehicle and help avoid an accident.

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Blind-spot monitoring makes it easier for your teen driver to see other vehicles that would normally fall into their blind spot. This feature involves sensors that are attached to the rear bumper or side mirrors, which automatically detect when other vehicles are too close. It then sends an alert to your driver so they can adjust accordingly.

What Are My Car Insurance Options?

You have several ways to insure your teenage driver. The first option is to add them to your car insurance policy. Because younger drivers are generally considered a higher risk, your premium rate will likely increase. However, your teen will enjoy the same policy protection as you and every other driver covered by the plan. One way to potentially save on insurance costs is to add your teenager as the primary driver for the cheapest car listed on the policy.

Another option is to purchase them their own individual auto insurance policy. You may consider purchasing a plan with the most comprehensive protection, including liability, which covers bodily injury and property damage when your teen driver is at fault, and collision coverage, which covers damage to your teen's own vehicle. You can also choose comprehensive, which helps pay costs stemming from non-collision incidents, like theft or vandalism, and uninsured/underinsured coverage, which pays certain costs when the driver is hit by someone who doesn't carry the required insurance minimums.


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