Whether you’re curious about cholesterol levels or concerned about diabetes, medical labs provide the answers you need to take charge of your health. That’s why Hillside Family Medicine LLC & Occupational Medicine is proud to now offer comprehensive in-house lab services at their Anchorage, AK, health care clinic. If you’re looking for an easier way to assess major health aspects, here are just a few reasons to turn to this provider’s new in-house lab.  

Why Choose Hillside Family Medicine for In-House Medical Labs?

Latest Resources

Recently added to the Hillside Family Medicine facility, this in-house lab is equipped with all the latest resources for safe and effective medical testing. Utilizing these tools, medical assistants can collect samples quickly and comfortably to improve the overall patient experience.

Convenient & Cost-Effective

health careOne of the greatest advantages of this in-house lab is that you won’t have to travel to another facility to have your sample taken. In addition to saving time, this clinic also strives to make expenses manageable by accepting most commercial insurance plans. They also offer discounts for patients that prefer to pay for testing services upfront.

Quick Results

Serving a select patient base and keeping almost all testing in-house, this local doctor’s office can process samples quickly and accurately with little to no backlog. In many cases, patients receive results the same day they provide a sample. This can provide peace of mind to someone who is anxious for a diagnosis or other results.

Whatever the circumstances of your lab results, you can count on Hillside Family Medicine LLC & Occupational Medicine to optimize your care. Recognized for their personalized approach to medicine, these Anchorage, AK, doctors will take time to review your results with you in a caring and easy-to-understand manner. If treatment is necessary, this health care provider will help you explore all the best possible solutions and guide you through treatment. Visit this clinic online to learn more about their comprehensive services or call (907) 344-0200 to schedule a convenient appointment.