Preventative healthcare is crucial for warding off illness and disease and for improving and maintaining overall wellness. While much of this care is administered by a medical provider, there are things you can do at home to keep your family healthy and active and prevent common medical conditions. Just in time for Family Health and Fitness Day on June 12th, learn about three family-friendly activities that are both fun and beneficial.

A Fitness Guide for Families

1. Have a Competition

Friendly competition gets both kids and adults engaged in physical fitness, and it can be done anywhere. Hold a foot race or a jump rope, jumping jack, or hula-hoop contest in the backyard. If you're hiking, go on a scavenger hunt. Give the winners prizes, like a fancy ribbon or the dinner of their choice.

1. Go on a Walk

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Walking is an easy, low-impact activity, and it strengthens the cardiovascular system by increasing heart function, reducing the risk of stroke, and lowering blood pressure. Maintain a brisk but comfortable pace, and use the stroll as an opportunity to talk as a family, share details of your day, and create memories. Spice things up by playing 20 questions or I-spy as you tour the neighborhood.

3. Host a Dance Party

Dancing can be used as an aerobic workout to help your family stay fit. The quick, whole-body movements tone muscles, improve balance, and strengthen the heart, lungs, and circulatory system.

Ask everyone to contribute to the playlist and hang a disco ball to make the event more fun. Dancing can get pretty vigorous, so if someone in the family is elderly or has a health condition, they should see a medical provider first.


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