The auto recycling industry continues to thrive because it is a win-win for both scrap yards and vehicle owners. The consumer gets to score some quick cash for a car that may not work anymore anyway, and the facility can do the work to reduce the vehicle to sellable scrap. Here are a few eye-opening facts about the auto industry that may deepen your understanding. 

A Scrap Yard’s Guide to Auto Recycling Facts

1. Vehicles Are the Most Recycled Items in the United States

Over 12 million vehicles are recycled in the United States per year. By any measure, that is an enormous amount, testifying to how popular auto recycling programs are. There are scrap yards all over the country—and chances are, there’s one not too far from where you live. Each time a car or truck is recycled, fewer resources need to be expended on producing a new one. 

2. Vehicles Have the Highest Recycling Yield of Any Item

scrap yardEvery time a car or truck is recycled, almost 80% of it is reusable; the process produces very little waste. After scrap yard technicians extract liquids and parts, the vehicle will be pounded into a smaller size and condensed. At that point, almost all the remaining materials will find their way onto a future assembly line. 

3. Auto Recycling Counters Pollution

It’s clear that car recycling reduces the need for excessive harvesting of natural resources, but it’s less apparent that the process directly helps surrounding ecosystems. When a vehicle sits full in one place for an extended time, there is a strong possibility that its many toxic fluids such as oil and coolant can start leaking and find their way into nearby rivers and streams. Since all those substances will be removed during the recycling process, you’ll be aiding your local region. 


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